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Museo Filipino LogoMuseo Filipino is a photo exhibit gallery, describing the history of the Philippines from the precolonial period all the way to the present-day government.

The photo gallery is divided into the following categories:

  1. Philippine History
    • Precolonial history;
    • Spanish colonial period;
    • American Regime;
    • Japanese Regime;
    • The Commonwealth Government;
    • The Third Philippine Republic;
    • Martial Law; and
    • Post-Edsa Philippines.
  2. A Tribute to Philippine Heroes; and
  3. Historical Markers in Intramuros.

It also has a short documentary video of the EDSA Revolution experienced by the Philippine nation in 1986. A walk-through of Museo Filipino will give the reader a bird's eye view of Philippine history, the challenges the Filipino people as a nation have experienced, and a profile of the heroes the Filipinos have celebrated. It also gives the reader the locations of several historical markers in Intramuros, so they may visit these markers if they feel like it.

Definitely, one should not leave Intramuros without passing by Museo Filipino. Museo Filipino has a little bit of Philippine history, a tribute to Filipino heroes, a cafe inspired of Spanish and Filipino food favorites, and a souvenir shop of exclusively Filipino-designed products.

Visit us now at 6th Floor, JS Contractor Building, 423 Magallanes St., Intramuros, Manila.



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Museo Filipino
Museo Filipino

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